STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Timberlands For The Win

Style Advice of the Week

As I walked into Java City to get my necessary daily cup of tea, I spotted this Fashionisto looking as though he stepped right out of designer Michael Bastian‘s spring collection for Gant. His Timberland boots and Oakley Cloverleaf glasses feed into the technical gear pieces while his layered ensemble of a hoodie, flannel and puffer vest portray the outdoorsy and light-hearted theme created by Bastian.

While his style echoed Bastian’s creative vision, it was still uniquely his own. His Timberlands are the accent piece of the outfit, especially because his skinny fit Levi Brad Jeans are cuffed and creased to showcase them. By not fully lacing them up, he gives off a very careful and fun vibe. Everyday wearable fashion should never be taken too seriously and I think this is why this Fashionisto’s outfit is so successful.

I was extremely impressed with his color palette. His maroon hoodie perfectly accents his flannel shirt, while the rest of the pieces are neutral. A balance of color is crucial to any outfit, especially for a guy’s outfit so it doesn’t look over the top. Girls must also remember to never be too “matchy-matchy” because it looks very unsophisticated and almost childlike. His light-wash jeans help add a sense of casualness to the outfit and make the warm colors of his shirts pop.

While jeans are a staple piece in anyone’s wardrobe, it’s important to remember that the color and the cut of jeans can instantly change an outfit. Guys’ and girls’ dark wash or black jeans significantly dress up an outfit because they usually look more expensive and newer. Skinny or fitted jeans help create a more put together look, while loose-fitting or boyfriend jeans (for girls) are much more casual.

By styling his hair, he not only adds dimension to his outfit but he shows that he cares about his appearance. Girls not only appreciate guys who take the time to do their hair, but they actually prefer it!

So come on guys…buzz cuts are out and hair is in! Mouse or gel works great for styling, especially if you have voluminous hair… But let’s get real, look at Justin Bieber, Robert Pattinson, the boys in One Direction and even George Clooney, they style their hair and they all are considered “heartthrobs.”

What I truly loved about this Fashionisto’s outfit was his clear-cut confidence and his styling from head to toe. From his styled hair to his knit scarf and cuffed jeans, he shows that fashion truly is a statement.


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