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Although tie-dye is often associated with the 1960′s, fashion trends usually start getting brought back within the industry and picked-up by the Fashionistas/os of the world. Tie-Dye seems to be a trend that might never truly end. It comes back in all sorts of styles and popularity levels, however during the summer months you’ll see it popping up everywhere. This Fashionista shows us that. And also shows us that it can be subtle too with keeping the colors dark and minimized.

This tie-dye maxi skirt is something that we have been seeing all over the place. This Fashionista knows how to pair it with pieces that creates a look all her own. Keeping the skirt a dark skew of colors it allows her to match it easily. Like with her black, backless top. It flows with the skirt color schemes and makes it so she can choose other aspects of the outfit to focus on more. The backless top also adds a sexy touch to the outfit that doesn’t allow her to show much skin. And during summer, showing skin is the best asset!

Next, she wore brown lace-up boots instead of sandals or flats which you don’t see very often with these types of skirts. Again, she’s creating something new, which is half the fun when putting outfits together. Its always good to stray from the normal looks and trends, you don’t want to get bored. The boots also are good for those summer days that catch a little breeze and aren’t scorching hot, which happens often when the summer is winding down.

The sunglasses she wears may look simple but the turtle shell pattern on the frames and the thin metal that outlines the lenses adds something special. They don’t quite follow the colors used in the outfit but that’s okay. It adds more to it instead of blending in.

The silver accessories with a hint of purple and turquoise really flow with the outfit as well. The Amethyst stone necklace actually represents her birthday stone! Sometimes statement pieces are too much when you are wearing a pattern and can take away from the subtle parts that will catch someones eye. However, the necklace could be considered a statement piece but since it only has one part to it, it still stays subtle.

So don’t be afraid to take an old style and make it new again. It will happen anyway so be the first one to do it! With fashion, people are always trying to find the newest trend or popular look and they forget to look to the past for inspiration.


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