STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Those Hipster Kids Know Comfort

Style Advice of the Week

While the multitude of advantages and experiences that come with being in college may appear relatively limitless, one of my favorite parts is being able to dress pretty much however I want. College is one of the best times for people to play around with their fashion identities. It’s right at the cusp of entering the super serious and scary real world, yet it’s still a youthful enough time to be a little bold and wear those throwback jelly sandals if that’s what’s floatin’ your boat.

Regardless of some people’s fashion choices around campus appearing borderline confusing or overly flamboyant at times, that’s just the pure beauty of fashion. You’re allowed to wear whatever you want since the things you choose to put on the outside of your body are a reflection of what you’re feeling on the inside. If your brain is directing you towards the laid back urban hipster path that seems to be aplenty no matter what school you go to, why try and fight it?

As I was hopping out of my car in my immensely oversized flannel that I snatched from the local Goodwill on sale for 50 cents, I noticed this Fashionista on the sidewalk because she was coincidentally dressed quite similarly to me. Though her high bun gave her overall look a vibe of effortless cool that I couldn’t quite achieve with my wet locks flapping lifelessly in the wind, our matching sandal and red toned flannel duo was more than enough to grab my attention.

Flannels are a clutch wardrobe necessity because they’re unbelievably versatile. I’m known to wear them with pretty much anything from standard denim shorts to casually leaving them unbuttoned over my staple little black dress. This Fashionista keeps things super laid back and comfortable by wearing basic leggings. This is an outfit that would obviously work great with a favorite pair of boots on a cooler day. Because summer is right around the corner, she opted to go with my personal favorite—Birkenstock sandals.

I know there are probably a ton of Fashionistas out there who would rather write a 10 thousand page paper before ever being caught dead in Birkenstocks. Heck, I was even in that category once. However, I learned that you really shouldn’t knock ‘em until you’ve tried ‘em; I wear these gems with practically everything! Yes they’re an acquired taste, but they work unexpectedly well with breezy summer dresses or flirty rompers in exotic prints for a touch of global whimsy.

Birkenstocks probably aren’t the most attractive pair of kicks money can buy, but there’s something strangely cool about them. Whenever I slide them on, regardless of whether I’m wearing tribal harem pants or distressed jeans, I swear I always get compliments. Thus, in accordance with the hipster way, when shoes are this comfortable, sometimes it’s just necessary to not care about the hot trends (like the peculiar jelly shoes) in exchange for weirdly fashionable Birkenstocks.


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