STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Weather Outside is Frightful, but Style is so Delightful

Style Advice of the Week

If you are anywhere near the Midwest this December you are sure to find frightful weather. Most likely you will be running into snow and ice covered roads with chilly campuses. Walking from class to class in a snowstorm may not be your ideal day, but you do not have to let your style lack because of the cold. It is easy to find stylish and warm outerwear for those freezing cold campus walks. While shopping for outerwear keep four key wardrobe pieces in your mind: boots, coats, scarves and hats.

This Fashionista has on some rocking boots. The fringe on the sides throws a spin on the average winter boot. These boots are unique, which every Fashionista wants to be. Fringe or studs can add a little more uniqueness to the basic boot with ease. Small variations can differentiate one Fashionista’s boots and wardrobe from another.

Coats are an obvious outerwear piece to keep in mind during the chilly months, but what type of coat you ask? Do not be overwhelmed by the many different styles, fabrics and colors. It is easy to go coat shopping and soon be drowning in many coats. Before shopping, keep in mind what you are looking for. This Fashionista has a basic peacoat on, which is an easy find. Peacoats are classic and the best coat to wear with casual or dressy attire. They are also warm thick wool or imitation wool that is equally as thick.

Thick wool scarves are my absolute highest recommendation of winter accessories because of their warmth. Also, thick knitted hats are great for trapping your body heat inside. Your body heat escapes mostly from your head and feet, which is why you need quality shoes and hats in the cold. This Fashionista stays bundled up with her fashion scarf and hat. Overall, this Fashionista keeps herself warm without letting her style suffer, which as a Fashionista you must try and do in the cold and snowy months. Stay bundled up as you trek out for your last classes and final exams as the semester winds down, but keep your style identity.

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