STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Mixed Media Fashionista

Style Advice of the Week

One of the greatest things about being a Fine Art major here at UT is the exposure to the most amazing art and artists. My art history classes have filled my mind with inspiration and insight. My studio art classes have filled my portfolio with endless creative endeavors and attempts at defining what art is for me. But these classes have also allowed me to work beside some pretty incredible people. They’re original, they’re imaginative and they’re inspired — and all of that is found from the content of their sketchbooks to the clothes in their closet!

This week, I found a ton of fashion inspiration in this artistic Fashionista. It’s so evident that she rocks a style that’s all her own and I love that! Much like the popular process of using multiple mediums to create a work of art, our Fashionista has found a way to incorporate a multitude of style genres into one look. Her simple slouchy tank and printed head-wrap give off a little hippie vibe. Her cool acid wash skirt, purple socks and Dr. Martens are super grungy. And of course that awesome school bag is so Boho chic, as are her funky bracelets! Each piece has its own personality but together they all work to make one killer creative outfit!

So let’s say one morning your acid wash skater skirt is calling your name but so is your favorite floral tee — rock both! Pair these two pieces with black ankle boots and you’ve got girly and edgy all in one. Wearing knee-high socks schoolgirl style with shorts and skirts is very on trend right now. Pair a slouchy tank like our Fashionista’s with light-wash cutoffs (if weather permits). Complete the look with gray over-the-knee socks and maybe even funky floral Dr. Martens. That’s a simple ensemble that can still show off your grunge side, hippie side and trendy tendencies. I love a mixed style look all glammed up too! Channel your inner diva and go out in a printed mini dress. Pair it with killer Jeffrey Campbells to amp up the edge and finish off the look with a retro cat eye and red lip.

To me, art and fashion have always gone hand in hand. They’re both about creativity and expression and passion! These days, mixing styles is practically inevitable so let your inner artist be your fashion guide. The industry is growing as it embraces the crossing paths of trends as we blend all that we love into a whole new genre. It’s time for you all to put on your smocks — in your imagination — and let the artistic side of your mind take over, Fashionistas/os!  You are the canvas, fashion is the medium and the possibilities are endless!


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