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The end of the semester is beginning to rear its head for college students everywhere. And while things are steadily wrapping up, this time of year can only mean one thing: Finals Week.

The combination of research papers, projects and exams can really take a toll on anyone. When the workload seems overwhelming and sleep is minimal, you might find yourself favoring sweatshirts and gym shorts over “real people” clothes. Thankfully, with the right pieces, you can still slip into something comfortable and cozy without looking like you’ve completely given up.

I found this Fashionista in a local coffee shop. She’s pushing through her last leg of classes for the week – a feeling we’re all too familiar with – but she didn’t let her outfit reflect that. All too often when the end of the semester or even the end of a tiring week finally rolls around, we set into fashion apathy. However, this Fashionista counteracted that notion with a fitted black blazer lined with leather accents, black leggings and a basic black top. If you’re struggling to put together something chic, an outfit of all black is the way to go.

This Fashionista decided to add a little gold accent to the otherwise neutral outfit. Accessories are another easy way to instantly upgrade any outfit, and are best when they add a bit of contrast – such as black and gold.

Students everywhere are starting to feel the weight of schoolwork as the semester draws to a close. At times, it can be difficult to peel yourself out of bed, nonetheless dress nicely. When this occurs, my advice is to stick to comfortable basics, but make sure it’s chic and structured. Blazers help achieve this look, and almost never need anything more to dress them up. A low ponytail and minimal accessories also creates a classic look for just about any occasion. But above all, make sure you’re comfortable in your look, because like the old adage goes, “When you look your best, you feel your best.”


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