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Crop tops. Few fads elicit such polar responses, but the 1980s-inspired trend remains highly contentious—even in its present revival. There is no in-between: You either love the belly shirts or hate them. Accordingly, anyone who has ever dared to bare their midriff-teasing tops has likely heard at least one variation of the following: “Why would you pay for half of a shirt?,” “You might as well be wearing a bra” or the subtle, “Cover up!”

Excuse me for trying to flourish. As the esteemed Queen Bey once said, “If you got it, flaunt it.”

You don’t have to justify your sartorial choices to anyone. That’s the beauty in being a Fashionista: As you assert your status as a sartorial sage, you simultaneously liberate yourself from the constraints others may try to place on you. You are conferred the sovereignty to rock whatever trends suit your fancy. If that so happens to be crop tops, own it—and adapt it—just as this week’s Fashionista did.

In a crowd, this Fashionista’s crop top hails attention. The floral print dazzles, enhancing the understated chiffon fabric. The tiered structure of the blouse also romanticizes the look, while a cinched waist provides structure to moderate the whimsical ruffles. For her bottoms, this Fashionista elected to go with a black, high-waisted maxi skirt. Made from a stretch cotton jersey, the material allows for comfort and ventilation. An elasticated, high-waist renders the skirt flexible and flattering for any shape.

Accessories provide a platform for this Fashionista to shine as well. With monochromatic tones, it’s easy for an ensemble to come across as subdued, but the right accessories can elevate a look from “mute” to booming. This Fashionista accomplishes just that with aviators, a gold cuff, a gold spike necklace and a woven, cross-body bag. These serendipitous touches simultaneously throw off and lure in onlookers as they serve as a perfect color counterpoint to the rest of her outfit. What’s that saying about opposites attract?

To culminate the look, this Fashionista chose to go with black gladiator shoes. Simple and pragmatic, these flats are perfect for everyday wear and manage to still be stylish without detracting from the rest of her outfit.

Crop tops are all the rage right now. Don’t be afraid to ride the tide! You can pair them with a high-waisted maxi skirt as this Fashionista did, or flex your abs in a crop top-skater skirt combo. Whatever you choose, remember to be bold!


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