STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Canadian Business Suit

Style Advice of the Week

Even though I hold the flattering title of “Style Guru,” there is still plenty for me to learn about the wonderful world of fashion. Today’s Fashionista reminded me of just that when she used a new fashion term to describe her ensemble. What is that term, you ask? Well, have you heard of a Canadian business suit? Yeah, most of you savvy Fashionistas and Fashionistos out there probably have. Frankly, I was surprised I had gone 22 years without hearing it. But after looking up the definition online, I can safely confirm that today’s Fashionista is rocking a very stylish version of this concept. So for those of you that are also unfamiliar with the term, allow me to enlighten you.

Notice how today’s Fashionista wears jeans with a chambray denim top and a denim jacket. This denim on denim look is precisely what gives this ensemble the ridiculous moniker of the Canadian business suit. But enough about the title. Quite simply, this Fashionista looks fabulous. She is facing the winter in style. All of the denim in her ensemble works while not overwhelming because she wears contrasting shades—dark wash jeans, a light chambray top and a medium blue jacket. Her outfit is more than just denim though. This she proves with a pop of red and paisley in her scarf. To finish the look, she adds brown accents with her boots and side bag. These offer a needed touch of warmth to her outfit.

So, are you ready to suit up? A versatile chambray top will take you far. This one from Urban Outfitters is even playing with two denim tones within the body of the shirt. Levi Brand Jeans is the ultimate denim brand, search this retailer for a fitted jean jacket to top off your chambray. Finally, don’t forget a bright accessory, like this exuberant scarf, to brighten your ensemble. Sometimes the best way to fight the winter blues is with some blues of your own.



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