STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Business Of Spring

Style Advice of the Week

In an ideal world, once spring began and the sunshine came out, all of life’s responsibilities would step aside and allow us all to spend a few consecutive months outdoors. Unfortunately, that is not realistic and real life continues to require our attention while all we’d like to do is enjoy the spring. Luckily, it is possible to juggle both the warm weather and your professional life, while simultaneously looking fashionable.

This Fashionista showed us how to turn a business casual (or class appropriate) ensemble away from wearing head to toe black and towards something appropriate for the last days of April. She did this by taking three items one would typically consider appropriate for the occasion—a blazer, flats and a button-down and giving each a warm-weather twist. First, she rocked a floral blazer, which unlike your typical black blazer, will not selfishly soak up all of the sunlight. Under that, a sheer blouse is an item that will keep you cool in more ways than one, which she decorated with a long necklace.

For additional accessories, her fingers adorned a plethora of rings. When you want to achieve the layered look on both of your hands, try purchasing a set of stacking rings. Since they come together they are sure to look good as a whole, whether they’re actually worn one on top of the other or spread out over the span of your hands.

While heels have their moments, most people don’t dream of walking around on their toes from class to class or from meeting to meeting. This Fashionista looked professional and comfortable in her pair of canvas flats that can be worn dressed up or instead dressed down with leggings and a T-shirt.

When the day comes that you too are forced to dress the (professional) part on a beautiful day made for laying on the quad with your friends, don’t be discouraged. It is, in fact, both possible and fashionable when done in the correct way. Trade in your dark slacks, stiff button-down shirt and black blazer for a few of the aforementioned items and you’ve got yourself a deal breaker.


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