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As the new year approaches and we continue into winter it is good to remember how to be bold while bundled. Many fashion folk look over the winter season as a time where fashion is well, hibernating. This Fashionista is here to put that theory to rest. Some of the most bold and chic looks can come out of winter apparel.

The look is so complementary of each element but at the same time every aspect shines on its own. The gray military jacket is absolutely breathtaking. I asked her about it and she said she had been so drawn to the look originally because it resembled the jackets worn by the Beatles in Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band video. The jacket definitely stole my heart. It has such an elegant energy to it due to elements of quality, structure and simplicity. The look of the jacket is well-constructed, a sign of fabulousness in the fashion world. The other beneficial aspect of this jacket is the length, I love that it goes just above the knee. The draping after the structure in the jacket is both flattering and beautifully flowing. This type of jacket is ideal for your bold winter look, containing both fluidity and structure with an emphasis on quality.

The most amazing part of the accessories worn by this Fashionista is that they are cohesive with the overall look but bring in a new impact as well. The furry, black brimmed hat is a bold choice which I absolutely adore. It reminded me of 1960s women’s accessories. In the early ’60s many women would elevate a look with wearing a chic hat, especially in the colder seasons. One specific style icon it reminded me of was the bold hat choices worn by Audrey Hepburn in Charade (1963). A hat like this can push the envelope on your style but also make you feel very elegant.

This Fashionista completes this gorgeous look exquisitely. The thigh-high leather boots are the adventurous contrast in this look that is absolutely divine. As sassy as these boots are, tied in with the overall look it is both daring and charming. There is something about the boots that bring in an edge of dominance, of being in charge. The black leather bag was another bold statement, that in a way challenged the structured rigid nature of other aspects of the look.

Fashionistos and Fashionstas, try to develop your personal style during these wonderful winter season. Above all remember not to be afraid of a look that exudes a powerful attitude when it comes to being bold and bundled.


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