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Unfortunately, it is that time of the school year again. That time, at the end of the semester that you have to prove to your professors through essays, exams and projects that you’ve retained all the information they threw at you over the semester. Finals week can be quite terrifying, and, at times, it can make you feels as if it is almost impossible to survive; however, I find being 100% comfortable helps me through out the week. Yes, I do often chant “Look Good, Work Well” (i.e my previous post title); however, opting for your cozy and comforting pieces work well with relaxing your stressed spirit. This week’s Fashionista smiled for the camera during the official week of high stress and anxiety while rocking her oversized collegiate sweatshirt.

As we move closer to the holidays, the weather gets cooler and our patience wears thinner. Not only that, but then we have to deal with finals. However, it is something about the soft and large feeling of an oversized sweater or hoodie that gives us a warm feeling inside.

Besides her gray sweatshirt, this Fashionista wore a pair of indigo color jeggings that provided a huge contribution to comfort but also kept her looking super stylish. Her scarf and socks were also worth noting. Her purple scarf and red socks covered with white polka dots added some color to the rest of the achromatic colors she wore. I also fell in love with her light brown ankle boots, which also added a pop of color.

Overall, we have to admire this Fashionista for her sense of style even during a week of chaos. She does not only looks stylish, but she also looks comfortable as well.

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