STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Beginner’s Guide To Minimalism

Style Advice of the Week

Sometimes, less is more. Clean-cut shirts and simple designs create the perfect minimalistic look for classic street style. Designers like Calvin Klein, Michael Kors and Alexander Wang are big names in the business because of the simple sophistication they bring to their pieces. Sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to make a fashion statement and our Fashionista shows us just how to do so. Keeping sleek classic pieces in your wardrobe will not only be the best economical decision you can make, but will also be the key to perfecting your cool girl minimalistic look.

The White Shirt: The first staple piece in any minimalist’s wardrobe is a white dress shirt. This can be worn with most pieces in your wardrobe and will be suitable for events from dinner dates to office meetings. You can choose to substitute this for a white T-shirt like our Fashionista does.

The Skinny Jeans: No matter what seasonal fashion trends come your way you can be sure that your skinny jeans will always be the go to piece. There is no denying how many endless I don’t know what to wear mornings the skinny jeans will save you from. Whether it be white or dark blue skinny jeans, it most surely is the must-have bottom for the minimalist.

Shoes: Now that you have the basic clothing items down, it’s time to move on to footwear. You can always tell a good minimalist by the kinds of footwear she owns. Keep your shoes monotone and in very classic colors. You could try black oxfords if you’re going for more of the tomboyish feel, or you could go for nude pumps if you’re feeling more ladylike.

The Perfect Bag: If you are looking to make a statement with your minimalistic outfit, a bag is a good way to go. A bright neon purse could be that offbeat futuristic statement your outfit needs, so don’t be afraid to play with colors. Also try the classic white bag to keep things simple and sophisticated.

Your Aha – Piece: You’re willing to take a risk aren’t you? You want to dress your outfit up while still leaving the essence of minimalism intact. Try pairing a plaid shirt under your white T-shirt like our Fashionista does or add a checked scarf to spice things up.

Most times the simplest looks are the most difficult to put together, this is why the minimalistic look is inspirational. It’s urbane, polished and will always be one of my favorite street style trends.


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