STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Beautiful and Glammed

Style Advice of the Week

As we all eagerly await Baz Luhrmann’s version of The Great Gatsby, the vivacity and glitz of the ’20s have never held more allure. While the increasingly cliché ornate headpieces and drop-waist gowns will always hold a special place in my heart (I mean, look at this gorgeousness and this sassy sweater!), the perfect way to translate F. Scott Fitzgerald into a modern wardrobe is to embody the glamour, confidence and careless abandon of all the Daisy Buchanans and Gloria Gilberts of the world.

So my suggestion in a season of resolution making is to be fearless. This Fashionista’s menswear-inspired yet unmistakably feminine blazer does exactly that. The structure gives it an amazing tomboy-chic twist, but the subtle shimmer makes it a true statement piece. When paired with the unexpected edginess of snakeskin leggings and knee-high boots, the outfit is truly daring. The key is to choose classic pieces done in unexpected ways. I like this blazer, which is similar to this Fashionista’s, and this fantastic bodysuit because they can be paired with almost anything in your closet and still make a statement. These awesome leather cutout leggings would do a great job of toughening up a soft, printed button-down shirt. It’s all about balance and with a little effort anything can be wearable.

Take fashion risks, and leave the warmth and security of your comfort zone every so often. If, like me, you’ve amassed a vast collection of sweaters, button-down shirts and denim, make sure to choose pieces that really inspire you. Try to stop buying the same standard tank tops and skinny jeans, especially if they’re already a staple in your closet. If your wardrobe is one of those black and gray affairs, try some neon nail polish! If you reach for your Converse every morning by default, try a pair of oxfords to break the mold without sacrificing comfort.  You can feel like a new person just by adding some pizzazz to your daily uniform. And of course, getting compliments on your new necklace or boots is a great way to start your day happy. And isn’t being happy the point of it all?



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