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Have you ever been so cold that you feel that no matter how many layers of clothing you put on, you still will not be warm enough? If you answered yes to this question, then have no fear! This week’s Fashionista and I are here to teach you the art of layering. Layering your clothing in a fashionable way, without looking like an eskimo, is an art that can be mastered.

Layering is a great technique that is especially useful for us Fashionistas that live in areas where the climate is unpredictable. It is also useful for temperature control, for when we are transitioning between seasons like winter to spring, or from a warm classroom to a foggy walk to the mall. But the ability to shed clothing and/or add clothing while still looking put together is a skill.

The key to layering starts with your inner wear or basics; the foundations to your outfit. Having the right basics can make for the most comfortable outfit whether you are wearing basic tights under a skirt or cami under a sweater. I suggest wearing something solid or neutral. Our Fashionista is wearing a simple gray undershirt under her cream Aztec sweater, which brings me to the next step on our layering journey; adding a light sweater or cardigan. If you are into color, then be bold and wear something with a print.

The next step is to add your outerwear.  Our Fashionista added yet another layer with a gray coat. I love that you can still see a bit of the pattern on her sweater peeking out beneath her coat. I also love that the coat is belted which helps define the waistline. Yes, you can still work those curves under all those layers!

Your outerwear should be able to go over a sweater comfortably, and you should still be able to move around. Our Fashionista also wore a pair of skinny jeans which are great for boots. Her chestnut brown riding boots pair well with her neutral color palette.

The last step is to accessorize! Accessorizing is also a great way to layer and stay warm. It’s like the frosting to a cake! Our Fashionista added a bit of color and layered on a beautiful red wine scarf and then sprinkled on a necklace that brings a statement to her outfit. She then finished off her outfit with her large brown shoulder bag.

In the end my young apprentices, the key to layering is simple. All you really need are basic essential pieces that you can use as building blocks to create a stylish wardrobe that can get you through any kind of day.


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