STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The ’90s are “All That”

Style Advice of the Week

I often find myself flipping through channel and wishing I could turn back time and revive the shows of my childhood. From “Lizzie McGuire” to the “Amanda Show”, nothing was better than the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon shows of this time. The ‘90s (and early 2000s…I’m not fully a ‘90s child) Nick had exactly the right line-up every night. “Hey Arnold” would come on, next “Rocket Power”—woogity, woogity, woogity—and then I would end my night with “All That.” Today, you turn on these old familiar channels, and there’s a show about a dog with a blog. This pattern of progression isn’t always the case with fashion trends. Unlike these new TV shows, fashion trends are usually cyclical and I could not be more ecstatic to say that the fashions of the ‘90s are back!

This Fashionista shows off her retro style with a tattoo choker. Yes, you read that right. The stretchy plastic chokers we all owned as children are now back in fashion. I’ll be honest, I had one with a soccer ball charm attached to it that I truly believed matched absolutely every outfit—everyone is thankful that my tomboy stage has now ended. Spotted on celebs like Kylie Jenner, these grungy neckpieces add a punk vibe to any outfit. Just like the old days, they can still be bought at Claire’s. Wearing exact pieces from the past can sometimes be tricky. Tattoo chokers are one of those trends that everyone associates the ‘90s with. In order to pull it off, you must keep the rest of your ensemble modern. It’s all about the balance of the outfit.

She completes her outfit with a chiffon dress, black cardigan, chunky leather boots and a pair of round sunglasses. These items still add to the grungy vibe of her outfit, but they also keep her from looking like she just stepped out of an “All That” skit.

This week, I urge you to channel your inner ‘90s kid. Wear something from the past that will add interest to your ensemble. You got it, dude? (hopefully that “Full House” reference was caught.)


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