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Call them what you want. Wear them where you want to wear them. These soft and incredibly comfortable, tapered pants are taking your closet by storm, quickly replacing all lounge wear as your new go to outfit for grocery shopping and late night Taco Bell runs. Ladies and gentlemen, they go by many names but I present to you the MC Hammer, parachute, Sultan, harem, tapered jogging trousers. In black.

What is there not to love about a pair of pants that allow you to look cool and fashion forward while feeling like you’re wrapped up in your favorite Snuggie? Perhaps I should calm the emphasis on comfortable since this is after all a fashion blog, but I should warn you that my bias appears as I write to you wrapped up in my favorite Snuggie, sipping chamomile tea with knitting needles at my side. Alas enough of my typical Friday night, and onto this week’s Fashionista.

Let’s talk about what makes her outfit work so well by starting with the accessories. A wonderful and subtle way to truly take your outfit to the next level is to subliminally match all your trimmings. Here our Fashionista pairs a black Fossil bag with brassy gold zippers and black sandals that are also accented with gold. This very same color adorns her Michael Kors tortoise-shell watch, which has the very browns found in her scarf and in later her sunglasses. Now this subtle pairing of similar colors is executed without appearing too matched. It is almost (and I emphasis almost because anything is possible) foolproof to look cohesive by wearing different colors if they are all of the same tone. The reverse (same color different tone) works well for color-blocking monochromatically. Now the reason our Fashionista’s outfit also works well is because the forest green shirt she pairs with the black jogging trousers is a dark neutral color that mimics those of her accessories.

These soft desert pants are perfect for those Fashionistas who have wanted to try out the harem pant trend that has been around for a while, but haven’t really been able to commit to the eccentric look. Getting a dark colored trouser with a tapered ankle will serve as a test drive into slouchy pant territory. Plus since they are perfect for day or night wear, you’ll soon start rocking ones that look printed by a Persian rug’s distant cousin. You will be the envy of all the non-believers because you my friend will be the most well dressed and eccentrically comfortable Fashionista in the room. Emphasis on Comfort.


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