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When it comes to fashion, there are few instances where we are able to get away with wearing the same thing on top and bottom. Times where it is acceptable to wear things in unison are on the beach in a bathing suit, to work in a pantsuit and sometimes just lounging around in a tracksuit. While in the past it was thought that wearing defining prints together was a definite no-no, denim on denim is a definite yes!

You don’t always need to feel blue to dress in all blue! There are many different ways to style your outfit into an entirely denim dream. The Fashionista I spotted today was wearing the perfect mix of denim on top and on bottom. Starting with her pants, she is wearing a pair of dark skinny jeans. She paired the look with a chambray top and loose fitted tank top. To go with her look, she threw on a pair of light gray sneakers, flash lenses and a mini tote bag.

There are many other ways to style a look like this. While dressing in denim, I prefer a look that has more of a contrast. I like a combination of different washes, similar to this Fashionista, mixing the light on top with dark on bottom. You could also try finding very similar shades and wearing a pair of denim jeans with a matching denim jacket.

If you are looking for an alternative way to rock all denim in just one quick step, try a jumpsuit or shirt dress. These options are fun and easy to slip on when you’re in a rush or need a look that is simple yet chic. Another fun idea is to try a pair of denim overalls! If you’re like me, you probably have a vintage pair hanging in your closet from a couple decades ago that your parents haven’t gotten rid of yet. Take up a DIY challenge and transform the old piece of clothing into the seasons must have piece! Denim on denim is a trend that is definitely a hit, so make sure to try a new look full of blue this season.


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