STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: T-shirts Can Be Trendy

What to Wear

“Do not bring more than two T-shirts to college” is first piece of advice I give anyone who asks what they should be bringing for their freshman year. College is a wonderful place where you have an immense amount freedom, eat ramen noodles too many times a week and are given millions (that could be an exaggeration…maybe) of T-shirts. T-shirts are given out and sold for many different reasons across campus. You receive them for simply being a student—GO GAMECOCKS—or some T-shirts are given for specific events. My personal favorite is the day when all of the apartment complexes give out free shirts and then the next day you see people actually wearing the hideous things. It’s all about the F-word in college—Free. So what happens once you’ve accumulated so many of them?

Believe it or not, this Fashionista is wearing one of her campus organization’s T-shirts. She shows us that there is a way to represent your school and still look chic —accidental reference to her shirt. The key to making an outfit like this fashionable is picking a T-shirt that is pretty simple. The simplicity of the shirt allows you to add other elements that will dress up the ensemble. I do understand that this is obviously a fashion organization’s shirt, but the same rules can be applied to anything! Whether you are in a sorority, student government or you are just want to show your school spirit, T-shirts can look good when they are styled the right way—I honestly can’t believe I just typed that sentence.

This Fashionista completes her outfit with a white circle skirt, a statement necklace, awesome socks, black booties and an amazing Marc by Marc Jacobs bag. These items are a perfect example of how you can dress up something that is usually considered casual.

This week, I urge you to wear your T-shirts. Choose to represent your college organization in a fun and fashionable way!


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