STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Sweeping the Nation

From the Editor, Style Advice of the Week

There are so many amazing trends for spring that I have been dreaming about. Backpacks, nudes and crop tops are some of my favorites for the impending season. But the one trend I have been most obsessed with is the duster coat. While those individuals who are not, shall I say, “fashionably inclined” may think you have accidentally left your apartment in your robe, those true fashion risk takers out there will marvel in your look.

Dusters were originally full-length, light-colored coats worn by horsemen to protect their clothing from, you guessed it, dust. Flash forward to the twentieth century and Hollywood reintroduced the traditional garment into popular Western films. Then the “goth” trend of the ’90s put a spin on this garment by fashioning leather dusters.

So why the history lesson, you may ask? That is just to give you some context on why the duster is making its way back into fashion this spring. But it is not your Western duster or even your leather duster that has me in a tizzy. It is the patterned duster that I can’t seem to get enough of.

Check of this Fashionista’s plaid number. Plaid is a classic print that can go with just about anything—from her striped sweater to her perfect placed beret. The colors are rich and bold and will capture the attention of any passerby. A perfectly printed duster is an outfit in itself. Like this Fashionista’s, it is dramatic, attention-grabbing and makes for a perfect fashion moment.

Another thing to note is the shorter hemline of this Fashionista’s duster. Sure it may be a few inches shorter then the longer versions, but it is far more practical for a long day on campus. With a shorter hemline, this Fashionista does not risk someone stepping on her beautiful coat as they are running late to class. Footprints on the back of a coat are never in style.

So as you start to pick your favorite trends for spring, don’t forget about my favorite one—the duster. It is surely a garment that will be sweeping the nation.

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