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The time of year has come again that has us all bundled up and locked indoors. The snow is falling and our long walks to class are becoming unbearable. While students residing in southern states are continuing to wear flip-flops and denim shorts to class, the rest of us up north have become more accustomed to snow boots and scarves.

There are many people who enjoy the cold, although I must admit I am not one of them. Regardless of your seasonal preference, there are always ways to set trends and stand out on campus this time of year! As stated in my title, it’s surely “sweater weather” here at Penn State.

Trudging to class hidden beneath our long parka coats may not seem so fabulous, but it’s the statement we make once settled into our tiny classroom seats that really matters most. One thing I have found while somehow surviving through this polar vortex is that we must layer, layer and keep on layering! The cold might be getting you down, but show it who’s boss by continuing to style around town.

A nice warm sweater is always important to have in your wardrobe, and know that you can never go wrong by purchasing a solid color. While black and white may be the easiest to match with your typical attire, go out on a limb and try a bright blue or even a pastel to mix things up. When it comes to patterns, there are a few looks that are being seen all over campus right now. From skulls to stripes and even to Aztec, college students are trying new things, including this Fashionista.

Now that you figured out one half of your wardrobe, let’s talk about the rest. It really depends on the length of your sweater as to what type of pants you should wear with an outfit. If it runs long in the front, try a pair of leggings. On days when you’re in the mood to wear a cropped sweater, go with a pair of denim. One of the only reasons why I semi-enjoy the winter season is that I get to add fun accessories to my everyday outfits! My go-to pieces right now are thick circle scarves, beanies and tech gloves.

No matter what season it is or how low the number reads on your weather app, there’s never an excuse to dress any way but your best. Try to embrace the winter chill, and don’t forget to throw on a sweater when faced with cold weather!


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