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The weather can be deceiving here in Chapel Hill. As the sun gushes over the city and dazzling shafts of light bathe the quad in illusory warmth, it is easy to step right into the snare—particularly for Northern transplants like myself. As the seasons overlap, many of us are still struggling to unlearn the myth that was incubated in the North: the South has distinct seasons, with scorching summers and laughable winters.

For the record, North Carolina weather is about as decisive as a 16-year-old scavenging for prom dresses. Weather apps are hardly helpful in deciphering the mysterious ways of the weather here. However, the locals seem to be endowed with an intuitive ability to predict the appropriate apparel for the day. They are meteorological clairvoyants—the doyens of dressing for the season.

I spotted this Fashionista and Carolina native in a throng of puffer jackets and peacoats. The foundation of this fiery redhead’s outfit is her gray pullover Christmas sweater. The snowflake pattern near her collar provides a point of interest and manages to still commemorate the season without invoking memories of those itchy, red Christmas sweaters your sweet, albeit overzealous, grandmother used to buy you.

This Fashionista also adds a hint of grunge to the conventional Christmas sweater by throwing a faux leather moto jacket over it. Black leggings intimate a sense of nonchalance and are a seamless transition from her top. Brown, knee-high boots break up the cold color scheme and serve as a fashion-savvy safeguard against potential monsoons or flurries. Aviator sunglasses and pearl stud earrings finish the outfit. Her look, on the whole, is reminiscent of Olivia Newton-John circa 1978, simultaneously greaser and girly.

As you attempt to brave the capricious weather conditions, play with sweaters—both fitting and over-sized. Layer it up for warmth and try blending the conventional with grunge, as this Fashionista did. We still have a few more months of inclement weather ahead of us, so there’s plenty of time to experiment!


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