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More often then not, wearing sweatpants is considered a fashion faux pas. They are seen as being a lazy choice instead of opting for jeans or leggings. However, there is always exceptions to every rule and there is such a way to rock the sweatpants look and be stylish. Especially in the height of mid terms; this look is perfect for spending hours in the library.

This Fashionista illustrates just how to wear sweatpants without looking disheveled or distressed. Often times many people can get lost in the heavy and dense fabric of sweatpants and they become unflattering. This was not the case with this Fashionista; her lightweight cotton pants didn’t loose the shape of this Fashionista’s legs. She then topped off her look with a simple white T-shirt, light gray beanie and a pair of distressed Converse. Together this ensemble exuded effortlessness while still being flattering.

This look is a great example of how you can dress a look down and still be put together and fashionable. Casual style, particularly for class, is a great and easy way to go. In order to recreate this look all you have to do is draw from existing pieces in your wardrobe. A simple pair of sneakers, a classic white T-shirt and a beanie to top it off is all you need. Furthermore, the white and gray combination is always a great option. It is a simple, yet chic color combination and if you want to add a pop of color with a watch or necklace, it won’t overwhelm your ensemble. Next time you find yourself heading to the library for a long day, try opting for a casual look that will keep you comfy and fashion forward.


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