STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Summer’s Comin’ Early

Style Advice of the Week

Now that the school year is nearing its final stretch, the struggle is definitely real. There are too many books to catch up on, a long list of papers to write and an endless amount of test material to cram. The only thing getting me through this ridiculous amount of school work is the beautiful notion that summer vacation is right around the corner. Though it’s still one month away, that doesn’t mean we can’t dress like it’s already here.

Few things in life are better than glorious sunshine filled days. Not only do I love the way the intense sunrays warm up my skin, but I adore everything about a great summer wardrobe. Along with wearing shorts in every color and pattern conceivable, wearing a short sundress is one of my go-to outfits for the warm weather. Since it’s still spring and the weather can be unpredictable, not every day is magnificent enough to show off the legs.

This Fashionista looks ready for summer while still dressing appropriately for the mild 60-degree April afternoon. She’s rocking one of my absolute favorite pieces of the season—casual linen pants. She went with a bright shade of orange for her bottoms, which is undoubtedly perfect for the festive summer days ahead. The great thing about these pants is that even though they’re long, they’re light and breezy, which is perfect for the upcoming scorching months.

She keeps things simple with her top, which shows just the right amount of skin. I’m obsessed with her fun Steve Madden sandals that work so perfectly with her outfit. With a combination of metallic accents and a bright tribal pattern, how could you not go crazy over them? Besides her Ray-Ban aviators, her only other big accessory is her stylish leather tote bag; it’s handy shoulder strap makes things convenient for a long day out shopping. If she got cold, a fitted and distressed denim jacket would look great with her outfit without sacrificing style.

Something similar to this Fashionista’s look that offers a bit of a twist are what I call “hippie pants,” or what are better known as palazzo pants. I just got my first pair a week ago and have to admit that I’m hooked. They come in a gazillion eccentric patterns that would work with any cropped tank top or T-shirt in your wardrobe. The extra wide leg makes them super comfy, so it’s like you’re wearing sweats but ten times cuter. If you’re planning on going to any music festivals this season, these pants are sure to be a big hit with a crocheted halter top and a pair of wedges.

When the weather starts getting nice, it can be hard to remember that school comes first. Never fear though, the finish line is approaching! Brighten up the many dreary library days ahead by dressing like you’re already prepped for summer and maybe it’ll come faster.


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