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Now that the crazy ups and downs (with a prolonged emphasis on the downs) of the weather have halted for the most part, concerns with dressing return to being strictly sartorial rather than the dreaded practical. When the weather is constantly fluctuating between hot and cold in a given day, layering is essential to make it through the day and not an option we choose simply for fun. However, with the appreciated warm weather comes the inevitable shedding of layers, which many welcome but I find rather sad because that means more basic outfits with fewer interesting dynamics.

However, this Fashionista is a perfect example of how to dress seasonably for warm weather while still maintaining those layers that make an outfit interesting. Layering as a concept seems fundamentally tied to adding warmth, but it is wholly possible to integrate layering into your summer wardrobe without boiling and instantly stripping everything except the bare minimum.

This Fashionista chose to layer a cropped T-shirt over a breezy, floral sundress. The dress on its own would have been enough, but the T-shirt over top creates more interesting lines and is a great way to stay covered if you don’t want to be too exposed to the sun or prefer a more modest look. She keeps it simple with her accessories opting only for beautiful bangles she picked up recently in India and a single ring. If you prefer to spruce things up a bit, add a long pendent or a chunky statement necklace and a colorful headband.

Although summer presents more opportunities to wear certain items hidden away in our closets most of the year, such as skirts, dresses and shorts, I find dressing in the warmer months a much greater challenge than dressing in winter since I often feel restricted to minimalism. However, this Fashionista proves that it is possible to still put thought and creativity in your outfit even though it is easy to use the weather as an excuse for laziness and just throw on a dress and call it a day. Just because you are on a break from school doesn’t mean your style should be on hiatus also!


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