STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Summer in the Winter

Style Advice of the Week

Most of us college students face similar problems: shared bathrooms in the morning, dining hall food and extremely limited closet space. Yet despite all these issues, we still love being fashionable all year long. It’s hard enough lugging a new wardrobe back and forth during every visit home. It’s just too much packing, unpacking and repacking. However, this week’s Fashionista found a way to stay fashion-forward without any hassles. She found a way to incorporate elements of a summer wardrobe into her winter attire.

When I spotted this Fashionista, I was drawn to her unique sense of style. She had this amazing loose scarf on. It wasn’t your typical heavy, grey, wool winter scarf. It was a brightly colored scarf, a bit more reminiscent of the summer time. It not only kept her neck warm, but also gave her outfit a pop of color. It was a great look because of high-waisted shorts, which really showed off her legs. Pairing her shorts with classic black tights was a great tactic to stay stylish and warm.

She stayed bundled up with a sweater and graphic T-shirt under her cool leather jacket. She accessorized by wearing a muted-sparkle black hat. To complete her ensemble she wore a pair of brown boots, similar to these from Forever 21.This Fashionista had such an effortless outfit. She was able to mix pieces from every season to create the perfect winter look!

And, voila! Thanks to this Fashionista, our small dorm closets now have hidden summer time gems for the winter.


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