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Currently catching on as one of the biggest trends, grunge is everywhere. Mostly black with deep accent colors and edgy silhouettes, it’s a trend that is very easy to mix into our fall wardrobe, resulting in it being the forefront of our fall/winter looks. But what about the other side of the equation? It seems the softer girly side of things is being overlooked. Pastels, especially soft pinks, are the biggest colors being predicted for spring, so why not start the trend early? This Fashionista is a great example of integrating those soft girly hues into her fall wardrobe.

What first attracted me to this Fashionista was her classic single-breasted caramel colored coat. This coat was such a refreshing break from the classic black that plagues our campuses. It gives the body a nice feminine shape and gives a more formal touch to any outfit.

As soon as she unbuttoned this coat I was taken aback by the soft color that appeared: pink! It isn’t often that you see pink these days as it is a color often shied away from especially in the winter months. This feminine cotton candy color was the perfect contrast against the caramel coat, and complemented her green knit tights. Her entire outfit reminded me of a candy store, with delicate colors and sweet undertones.

To accessorize, she chose silver jewelry with green accents. The jewelry is simple yet whimsical, with manatee rings and green candied leaf earrings. On her head she wore a slouchy knit beanie, allowing her hair to peek out and adding a little additional warmth. To bring the caramel to another part of her outfit, she wore brown combat boots, a classic that gives her girly outfit a little more practicality.

This Fashionista’s outfit is certainly fun, and brings a little more color and brightness to the dreary winter days. If anything, it’s a reminder to look on the bright side and indulge in the sweeter things in life, even if it’s only in the colors of your wardrobe.

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