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As college students, we have those days when we wake up and don’t feel like dressing up for class. Some just grab the closest thing that is lying on their floor and put it on. But during my college career, I have found a way to be comfortable yet stylish at the same time. This means that leggings and a nice sweater have become my best friend over the years.

What attracted me to this Fashionista is exactly that principle. She took the classic “comfortable” look and made it stylish. The sweater is the most eye-pooping element in the whole outfit. It is slouchy and comfortable but with a bit of an edge. The stripes give the sweater dimension and give the Fashionista a flattering shape. Paired with her striped sweater from H&M are a nice pair of cotton pants, a V-neck T-shirt and moccasins. To get another version of this Fashionista’s outfit, just pair a grandfather sweater with leggings, boots and a tank top or T-shirt. To get similar styles, check out Urban Outfitters and Forever 21.

Sometimes we have to lean towards comfort and go with something a bit more relaxed. This kind of outfit is perfect for a long day of classes or a day full of studying. In the end, don’t always feel like you have to wear a dress or skirt to class. I believe that you have to let yourself have days to take a more relaxed approach. So this week’s assignment is to relax! You can be just as fashionable with an oversized sweater and a pair of leggings.


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