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Rock and roll not only refers to a genre of music, but also to a way of life. To be a rocker means breaking the rules, especially when it comes to fashion. While you may not be trashing hotel rooms on the daily, putting an edge into your wardrobe with rock and roll inspired trends will definitely make you feel like a rock star.

This Fashionisto gives off the truly carefree vibe of a rock star with his plaid skinny pants. Sticking to traditional red and black plaid is an easy way to go bold without trying anything too out of the ordinary. The zippers along the pants add to the rocker look because of the sharp contrast of the black paneling and metal. He also paired a logo T-shirt he made himself underneath a classic denim vest covered with pinned-on buttons referencing different bands from a local Madison store, Ear Wax. He also added a cardigan, showcasing how sometimes the rocker thing to do is wear something that doesn’t scream rock and roll whatsoever. The contrasting styles pull together to create the signature and easy-going rock and roll feel. He finished off this trend with spikes on his backpack and tough combat boots.

Fashionistos, when creating your own rock and roll look, you can go for classic staples like leather or plaid skinny pants. Pair this with a denim vest like this Fashionisto or opt for a leather or fur vest for a less causal, more concert rock look. Add your own embellishments with logo buttons. Fashionistas, you can own this look, too. Wearing slashed leggings shows just the right amount of skin and an even bigger amount of attitude. For a casual rock look, just pair this with a graphic top, like this logo tank featuring the girl empowering rock band, Blondie. For a more glam rock feel, opt for this sequin and mesh tank top perfect for a night out.

Nailing down rock and roll style is all about attitude. Even florals and pinks can be incorporated into your look as long as you put forth the same confidence as a rock star performing for thousands of fans. Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike can strut their stuff to classes or cool hangouts on campus knowing that they are styled to rock.


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