STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Style it with Shoes

Style Advice of the Week

College is a great time for a young adult to truly find their style. For some, their bohemian style can come out during their undergrad years. For others, a simple and classy look is what they love and the category their style falls into.

For this Fashionista, a simple, preppy look is what she loves and what she does best. She does not have the style of a hippie or a hipster, because she prefers an all-American look. Style is not about following the latest trends, it’s about being who you are without any regrets and this Fashionista wholeheartedly is confident about her style.

She made sure to get some wear out of her blue scarf while Houston experiences probably one of the last cold fronts for a while. With the scarf came her white sweater, which is so comfy that anyone going to a boring history lecture should attempt to avoid wearing unless you are looking for a good nap.

For Fashionistas/os reading, never be afraid to wear a simple blue jean. It can go a long way, but always make sure to pair the right shoe with it. Depending on the outfit, try to make it flow. Live every day like you’re Carrie Bradshaw. Even if you’re on a college budget, you can still be a thrifty Carrie Bradshaw. Always check out sale sections and don’t be afraid to look at stores like Target — they can always find you something quick and simple if need be.

The brown boots this Fashionista is wearing help provide an accent to the outfit, helping the whole outfit go together and flow. It provides a nice example of shoes doing what they do best — finishing off an outfit with a cherry on top.


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