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One of the best feelings is opening your well-rested eyes in the morning and peering out the window to a rainy sky. On those few days, when the clouds roll in and Mother Nature begins to shower upon us, it is so tempting to stay in bed, watch a couple (or ten) films on Netflix and accomplish absolutely nothing. Unfortunately for us college students, having a day of relaxation is not very realistic. Instead, we have to stop hitting the snooze button, mosey to the shower and get ourselves ready for the day.

With her umbrella held high to dodge the droplets, this Fashionista shows us how to dress in order to feel inspired on those dark skied afternoons. She wears a flowing white tank top loosely tucked into baby blue pinstripe shorts in order to stay cool on the sticky day. To top off her outfit she adds a tan jacket, a clustered pearl necklace, her navy Longchamp and some delicate sandals. This Fashionista also wears a studded belt that had me very intrigued, because while I was across the pond in Europe, I saw a bunch of girls rocking these fabulous accessories.

Usually we tend to accessorize with necklaces, bracelets or earrings, but one of the major forgotten accessories is the belt. Belts can add so much personality to a single outfit. Whether it’s a skinny neon pink belt atop of a simple dress or a thick leather belt around some jeans, both command attention and can add a lot to an ensemble. This new studded belt however is so great because it can be used for both your pants and your dresses. The delicate studs can be played up or worked down to make any outfit pop. Who knows, maybe the trend is migrating to the states.

To adapt this Fashionista’s outfit for a slightly chillier, rainy day, replace the shorts with hunter green skinny jeans and the sandals with a pair of oxford flats. The pop of green will make you feel alive and keep you moving on a day where doing absolutely nothing sounds like perfection.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “On rainy days wear an outfit you know makes you feel good, that way the whole day you want to show it off. It will keep you going and the day will be over before you know it.”


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