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It’s that time of year again Fashionistas/os! The dreaded week of finals is here. Each student is eagerly awaiting winter vacation where our wardrobes will be treated with presents from Santa. When you are preparing to sit in the library for 12 hours you want to be comfortable, but this also serves as a social time to spend the last miserable hours studying in the company of friends. I love this Fashionista’s approach to a full day of studying. It is comfortable, yet stylish, standing out from everyone else who opted for sweats.

Instead of a regular sweatshirt, she chose a comfortable poncho to keep warm. This item is loose and relaxed, perfect for a long day. Pair this with leggings for extra comfort. You don’t want anything that blocks your thinking or movement. Lastly, she has on boots to class it up with deliciously warm socks peeking over the top. Perfect if you do decide to shed the boots in the wee hours of the morning — you still look adorable.

So when you’re preparing to spend days on end staring at a textbook, there is no shame in still wanting to look put together. For me, it helps me feel more prepared and in the zone. No need to overdress though. Find something that is comfortable for you and that allows you to breathe and feel relaxed. An oversized boyfriend sweater works just as well as this poncho. So don’t stress about your outfit, your oversized tops and flexible bottoms will work best together this upcoming week. Don’t torture yourself with contacts, throw on some minimalist makeup and sport your glasses! Embrace your inner bookworm!

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