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Color is an important factor in fashion. It is the first thing people notice about an outfit and it’s impact is ever lasting. Colors in fashion say a lot about people and what they are trying to portray. Different meanings come from the colors whether it be happiness shown from a bright yellow dress, or sadness shown by wearing a gray trench coat. For example, I am a bubbly, happy person and I gravitate more towards brighter colors. I noticed this Fashionista specifically, because of the big flower print incorporated into her vibrant outfit.

She wore a dress that was covered with a large flower pattern. The pattern was big, but it wasn’t overbearing. She synched her dress with a simple black bow belt. The belt kept the dress fitted in the right spot and stopped it from looking loose and baggy. Silver ballet flats were worn, which kept the outfit looking chic and I’m sure kept her feet from hurting throughout the day.

She accessorized the outfit with cat eye sunglasses. They framed her face wonderfully and kept the sun from blinding her on this sunny day. Lastly, she carried a colorful clutch, which is a great way to keep everything she needed in something that was small and portable. The mixing of red and green was perfect for this outfit because neither color was too bright or chaotic. Besides the clutch and dress, the rest of the outfit was mostly made up of neutral colors. This allowed for the emphasis to be on the dress and clutch. The contrast of colors worked and allowed for each item to pop separately, while working together to create a cohesive outfit.

This Fashionista definitely knew how to wear a large patterns, but one suggestion I would add is that she could have worn some jewelry. Bracelets would be preferred for this ensemble because of the high neckline of the dress. Remember when you are looking for ways to accessorize your patterned attire, keep everything simple and have one or two pieces be the center of attention. Simplicity doesn’t mean boring though, so make sure to have pops of random colors or fun accessories to keep the outfit interesting!


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