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Normally, spring time is the perfect climate in New Jersey. The skies are blue, the trees are blooming and the air is warm. This year, however, the weather has proven to be untrustworthy. Areas across the country have been met with unseasonably cool temperatures, with some parts even experiencing snow in mid April. While this should not be surprising due to the patterns that have emerged this past year, it does throw our dressing for a loop. Instead of breaking out the sundresses and denim shorts, as had been done in previous years, people are staying in their jeans and boots just a little bit longer.

This does not mean that they have to sacrifice style in doing so. As this Fashionista proves, cooler weather does not mean that outfits have to be any less cool. She takes cues from fall dressing, opting for a layering look. She pairs a basic striped sweatshirt (great for a little extra base warmth) with a navy vest, keeping her prepared for the cool shade temps as well as heat in the sun. She keeps everything else classic, with a pair of dark wash jeans and black combat boots. To add a bit of edge, the boots feature various zipper details, making them fun and eye-catching without being too overwhelming.

If the weather stays like this, a vest is sure to be a staple piece in many people’s closets. They allow for a bit of extra body warmth without the weight of a heavy coat. Hopefully spring will finally come and we can ditch the cool weather clothing for good (well, another three months, but hey! still great)


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