Style Advice of the Week

This Fashionista caught my attention with her outfit ensemble which consisted of a stripe on stripe outfit. What particularly grabbed attention was how the outfit in itself is simply casual, but has this unique chic to it. This Fashionista went with a match on match type of outfit, only in different colors which I thought was different and made the outfit stand out. From her blue striped pants to her white striped blouse all down to accessories which consisted of a brown tote bag, cheetah print sunglasses, tan flats with silver buckle and a rose pink drop necklace.

With this type of outfit you can opt for how this Fashionista paired her outfit, or go for the match on match type of style. Either way, try to be unique and stand out a bit like this Fashionista did when I saw her walking across campus. You can try a similar outfit with a blouse that is black and white striped with matching pants, striped pants with a striped print blazer or shoes. The list can go on as to how to pair outfits with a striped print. You could also go for what this Fashionista did with the white and black striped blouse with the blue striped pants and a pop of uniqueness with the cheetah print sunglasses (floral print would also work.)

All in all—this outfit pairing was fun and is easy because it’s simple, yet chic at the same time. Always remember to try to go beyond your comfort zone a bit and don’t be afraid to stand out.


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