STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Stress the Small Stuff

Style Advice of the Week

It has officially snowed in Michigan and you know what that means, layers on layers on layers on layers. The good news is with more and more layers come more and more opportunities to throw unique pieces into your daily looks. If you don’t want to be a part of the all-black, similarly dressed crowd I have written about in past articles, try some eye-catching pieces this December.

This Fashionista strategically adds a few key pieces to a very put-together look. Slightly hidden under a black peacoat, she wears a tank with a splash of pink, purple and muted orange with a zipper down the front. She tucks the colorful tank into a pair of standard blue skinny jeans. She then accessorizes with a thin brown belt with small gold studs and a scarf that is a mauve taupe color. Instead of the standard black or gray scarf, she wears a different neutral color that can be worn with a lot of colors and that doesn’t blend into her outfit. Lastly, she finishes her look with light floral lace-up boots that match her top perfectly and differ from the black leather boots that are everywhere on campus. She shows a great way to incorporate some pastels into a cold weather look.

To feature some distinctive pieces in your wardrobe as the temperature continues to drop, try a top with a unique print and design like that of this Fashionista’s. Next, look for awesome accessories and pair them with black leggings or blue jeans. A unique colored scarf or boots in a cool print or color can add an extra level to your outfit. Even gloves and earmuffs do not have to be black and can come in fun prints and designs.

While you’re running to class at the speed of light this cold December, don’t forget to add some unique pieces to warm up your wardrobe!


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