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Sometimes, dressing to the nines just doesn’t cut it for long days nearing the end of the semester. And, especially as the winter chill creeps in, bundling up in layers makes dressing all the more complicated. The key, however, to making sure you glide through the end of the season is by keeping your look street chic.

This Fashionista shows a school-friendly look that is sure to catch some second glances. An innovative dresser to say the least, she cleverly utilized the most insulating pieces of fall and winter. Starting her outfit off with a basic cropped tee, leggings and a high-waisted denim skirt her outfit had a neutral basis for layering. Each of these pieces has its own distinct texture, but they undoubtedly coordinate because of their minimalistic appearance.

To add some warmth to her look, this Fashionista layered on some short knit socks, a thick flannel button-down around the waist and loads of accessories. This type of look is perfect for a Fashionista/o because it gives them the opportunity to show off their personal preferences through some edgy details. The basic pieces within an ensemble are given some flare and dimension while keeping you comfortable. This particular Fashionista made sure that the color combination her accessories harmonized in order play up the off-duty vibe of her flannel top. Time and time again, we see this method of accessorizing in street style looks. A wrapped flannel serves as an insulating statement piece and extra accessories help to highlight its versatility.

If you are looking for a more casual way to carry out the end of this fall, the solution is clear. Layer on some edgy pieces, show off your personality and don’t be afraid to show how street chic you are.


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