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Some things in life we can predict. That could be the time it takes to get to our favorite restaurant, what numbers will appear next to the dollar sign on our weekly paychecks and what the temperatures will be for the next few days. So, while we are able to hypothesize daily norms, we leave it to trendsetters all over the world to predict what will be in style this season.

Around 40 years ago a shoe was invented that changed the face of the durable boot industry. Just like most fashion trends, this shoe was not originally geared towards celebrities and the likes – merely the opposite. While workmen stomped away for many years in their yellow boots, they were paving way for the bright future Timberland had ahead.

From dawn till dusk you are able to find these iconic boots making their mark around every town. Young adults are taking hold of this trend and standing out, just like the Fashionista I spotted today. If your style is urban street or grunge, then this shoe is for you!

At the base of her outfit is a pair of black high-waisted jeans, as well as a tucked in loose white long sleeve top. While the weather seems frigid these days, a cute jacket and beanie are perfect pieces to add to any outfit. The camo pattern continues to stay in trend and even goes well with the colors in her basics and the yellow boots! If you are in the mood to style up your look a little more, try matching a pair of Timberlands with some textured leggings, a light colored sweater and a patterned scarf.

No matter if you’re from the streets or the suburbs, a pair of boots like these can work on any Fashionista. Watch out boys, ladies in yellow will soon be stomping your way.


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