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Many people perceive fashion as a serious or consuming concept. People often times forget how much fun you can have (and should have) with what you wear. Also frequently, it is overlooked that you can make different statements through the pieces and brands you choose to wear and not wear. Everything you don says something about who you are and what you appreciate. Whether you are supporting a home team, opting for a brand that gives back or just showing off your sense of humor, your ensemble is another outlet for your opinion and personality.

This Fashionista chose to incorporate her sense of humor into her style. She opted for a whimsical sweater, complete with a mustache, monocle and a pipe. She paired it with her dark jeans, black boots and red jacket. This combination has great balance. All of the other pieces retain a more formal feel, while her sweater adds a relaxed vibe. Collectively, this look is perfect for a day running to class and around campus, because it is pulled together yet low key and whimsical.

In order to recreate this look all one needs to do is reach into their closet and pull out a basic pair of jeans, a tall, dark winter boot and a statement jacket. Although it may not seem like it, it is worth investing in a humorous sweater because it is a great piece to wear throughout the winter that will add a fun element to any daytime look. It will pair perfectly with a pair of leggings and flats, or with a flirty skirt and tights. The incorporation of a comical cardigan or pullover will never cease to invigorate an ensemble with style and a laugh.


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