STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Standing at Attention

Style Advice of the Week

This week, we have soldier combat-inspired fashion, no guns involved. Military-inspired fashion comes in many forms and has marched through history boldly, channeling Sgt. Pepper and ’80s glam rock and has inspired camouflage prints on every article of clothing you can think of. The fact is, the military has been so key to creation of many menswear staples like the trench coat and aviator sunglasses (Thank you, Top Gun).  With military fashion, it’s not the necessarily the look but rather the functionality of combat that continues to influence men’s fashion.

Definitively masculine, the military aesthetic creates a diverse look that can be more on the rugged side while still keeping a sharpness about it.

This week’s Fashionisto is wearing a military-inspired jacket paired with black ripped skinny jeans. The great thing about the coat is the patches on the sleeves. The jacket’s faded green color makes it look worn and vintage, which is great! The ripped jeans gives his outfit an updated twist. Both are from Forever 21. Underneath the jacket, he is wearing a simple tan hoodie. With a military green, it is best to pair pieces that are of neutral color like browns and grays. Overall, the outfit is simple but definitely stands out and this Fashionisto definitely turned some heads.

When it came to his accessories, our Fashionisto stayed with the military theme and wore black lace-up combat boots, also from Forever 21, which tied his whole outfit together. Military boots can be worn different ways for a more versatile look. They can be worn with jeans, tucked in for a more youthful appearance or you can cover the boots for a more classic approach. The military style boot is most definitely and unquestionably a casual option. Our Fashionisto also wore a very cool array of rings with tribal designs, flowers and a turquoise stone which added a pop of color to the outfit.

When it comes to marching to the beat of your own drum, especially when it comes to fashion, take note of this Fashionisto’s confidence and style. Wearing a piece that stands out is a great way to express yourself and explore new trends. So stand at attention while others are paying attention to you and your awesome outfit!


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