STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Spring From Day To Night

Style Advice of the Week

Attention ladies (and gentlemen)! If you have yet to exit the confines of either your dorm room or the library, now is the time. The snow remains solely in deserted corners of parking lots, and the sun can be seen for more than just five minute intervals. Most students are ecstatic that the walk to class has become that much more bearable. Do not be rash and pull out the flip flops for your 8 a.m. class, though! Patience is a virtue, and there is plenty of time for rubber sandals to bask in the sunlight.

This Fashionista acted wisely by grabbing the nearest floral and creating an outfit appropriate for the first full day of spring. Still, her leather jeans remind us that winter is going out with a fight, keeping her delicately balanced on the fine line between seasons. With their ability to alter the feel of an outfit from dressy to effortless, Converse All-Stars are always in style (especially when the temperature becomes mild, and your feet aren’t begging for the protection of fuzzy socks and fur lined boots). This Fashionista’s white pair stand in contrast with her dark tones but tie into her floral print, brightening up the all-black habit that most students spend the entire winter battling. The best part about this classic shoe is that they truly match anything you can find to pair them with. That is a dare— try it.

Not only does this outfit hint that the flowers will be blooming on more than just our dresses, but it is easily converted from day-to-night. With a versatile piece like a chiffon shift dress, the options are exponential, and the amount of use you can get out of it will outweigh its price. You can throw it on top of anything; from pants or leggings during the day to shorts and thigh highs at night, the success of your outfit is a guarantee. Alternatively, throw a sweater on top of it for a cozy and comfy look or a fur lined parka for a chic, polished ensemble. Whether you rock it during Monday morning classes or on Saturday night full of celebrations, a chiffon shift dress in a floral print will help you convert to spring in a responsible way. Never forget, dress responsibly.


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