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Finally the madness of finals has ended for myself and my fellow Azusa Pacific University students. That means finally getting a chance to relax, take a breather and not have any assignments hanging over our heads. That also means a chance to finally have more time to pull together an outfit. This weekend I am staying in Northern California with my friend and she shows what to wear in the cool sunny weather here by the ocean.

The staple item of this Fashionista’s outfit are her black ankle-length booties. The best thing about these shoes is they can be worn year round and can be an accessory to almost any outfit. This Fashionista paired her black booties with a loose fitting floral sun dress, which is perfect for the cool yet sunny weather here in Northern California. The floral pattern in this dress is complex enough that accessorizes are minimal, and this Fashionista only added a black belt to the outfit to help add some structure to the loose dress. The black belt also helps the black color in the dress and boots to be continued throughout the outfit.

The items needed to recreate this outfit can be purchased almost anywhere. Also, many of these items can be found at cheaper prices at thrift stores rather than department stores. I highly recommend places like Salvation Army or Goodwill if you choose to go that route. To purchase a fluid floral dress like this Fashionista’s, Forever 21 has a variety of styles to choose from. If you don’t already own a simple black belt, Macy’s carries them. Finally the main item of the outfit— black booties— can be purchased at Urban Outfitters.

As the summer break for Azusa Pacific University students comes into full swing, there isn’t nearly as much pressure for time. Depending on where students call home, the options for how to wear black booties are endless. Whether they are worn with jeans and a sweater, shorts and a T-shirt or a sundress like this Fashionista is wearing, black booties are a must have item for any Fashionsita’s closet.


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