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When I first got to college, I think I somehow missed the unsaid rule that one must wear athletic shorts and an oversized T-shirt to class every single day. Personally, this style does not fit my less-than-average human-sized body. Although I have to be honest, it’s become extremely difficult to want to give into this collegiate uniform only because of how comfortable workout wear can be. Now all Fashionistas can rejoice! Although it is still not acceptable to have your T-shirt much larger than your shorts, a little bit of athletic wear inspiration in an outfit is completely fashionably acceptable. Sporty chic is extremely “in” right now. We obviously should have listened to Sporty Spice a long time ago.

This Fashionista is sporting (see what I did there?) this trend flawlessly. Her Topshop track shorts are perfect for walking around on a blistering day. The striped bands on the bottoms give the ensemble a vintage vibe.

She completes her ensemble with a black crop top, Ray-Ban sunglasses, a Marc Jacobs bag, cool socks and a pair of white Converse high-tops. These items are all black and white, which makes her outfit extremely cohesive. Her white Converse high-tops add a more sporty vintage flair.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Instead of constantly looking like you might run a 5K at any second, try balancing your outfit. Your entire ensemble does not need to be athletic wear. Pair sporty shorts with a crop top or wear a mesh jersey-like shirt with a skirt. It’s all about the equilibrium between sporty and chic. Contrasts are what makes fashion fun.”


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