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There are only a few things that are more appealing than a well-dressed boy, especially during our college days. With classes, meetings and involvement in activities, it is a somewhat rare occasion to catch eyes with a handsome lad sporting the latest fashion trends. We usually witness baggy sweatpants paired up with an old hoodie and basketball shoes, and I think I speak for all of us when I say that this is less than exciting. The passion for fashion among gentlemen today has seemed to fade and I want more than anything for it to come back. What happened to the stylish guys of the 50s and 60s decked out in skinny neckties and form fitting slacks? While stuck in this frustrated mindset on my way to the library, I ran into this Fashionisto that completely defies the men of our generation.

What started off my interest in this guy’s look was the way he transformed indoor soccer shoes into a trendy ensemble. Indoor soccer shoes have become more popular recently and are a nice switch up from the usual sport shoe most boys gravitate towards. From dressing them down for classes or hanging with friends to dressing them up a little with a casual pantsuit, the indoor soccer shoe fits a wide range of versatility.

I love how this Fashionisto chose a more laid back look filled with similar tones to accompany his soccer shoes. He wears black denim skinny jeans and matched them with a black t-shirt that peeped through just a bit. Over top he placed a vintage Penn State laced crew neck to show some school spirit. I am a huge fan of the vintage college apparel and find them to be an essential piece for style obsessed college students. For a light jacket he rocks a cool dark gray cargo jacket accented with a double collar and popped it up to make it stand out even more. By adding pieces of the same color scheme, this Fashionisto created a uniform look that still had a lot of dimension to it. Since he was heading to class, he threw a navy blue Herschel backpack over his shoulders as a trendy accessory and perfect bookkeeper.

To accomplish a stylish look to go along with a not so typical shoe, look for pieces that make you stand out while also giving your footwear the spot light. By utilizing dark shades, and making the indoor soccer shoe the main focus, all of you gentleman can master an easy-going, super trendy and a little bit sporty look like this that is sure to get the attention of all. So to all you Fashionistos on campus, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.


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