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My school (NYU) recently held a fashion show in which muralist and guest artist for Prada, Gabriel Specter, gave a speech. When asked about his transition into the fashion world, he had this to say, “I always saw fashion as an individual way to express yourself. It shows the strength of a person.” These words have never held more truth. We are living in a modern, open-minded world where people are slowly being given free reign over their lives and the way they express themselves. Today, people are constantly showing their true personalities through what they choose to wear. Fashion is the ultimate form of expression.

This Fashionista let her quirky personality shine through her outfit. She started off with a plain gray shirt, which she then paired with plaid capris. Her finishing touches are her ivory boat shoes, black suede fringe jacket and her “steampunk-esque” black and gold sunglasses. These elements manage to come together to form an outfit that flows quite nicely, while also allowing her personality to shine through.

These subtle, quirky details balance each other, so that no one piece outshines the others. It’s fairly difficult to let your personality shine through, while also maintaining a put-together look. The key is in the subtle details. For a goth look, instead of dressing in all black and wearing a spiked collar, try throwing on some combat boots and grabbing a studded black purse. This outfit will still convey your darker personality, but in a much more organized way. If you want something bright and girlie, instead of throwing on a pink tutu and a Katy Perry-esque bra, try going for some quirky ice cream cone earrings and a cutesy graphic tee.

At the end of the day, you should do what makes you happy and makes you feel comfortable. If wearing all black, a pink tutu and a Katy Perry bra makes you happy, go for it. If you feel like those are a bit out of your comfort zone but you still want to have fun, try out my tips!


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