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No longer is the body conscious fit the most fashionable trend. No, contrary to that it’s been a chic trend to rock slouchy pieces. Slouchy clothing can be seen in various trends, from the pajama trend (which I adore by the way) to the bohemian hippie, to the slouchy trouser suit trend. Slouchy everything is here to stay; it’s comfortable and effortless.

Having my camera in hand scouting for fashionable students on campus, I came across our Fashionista who convinced me of my love for all things slouchy. She was rocking a must have piece, perfect for her trend: slouchy jeans. Slouchy or boyfriend jeans stand the test of time, during summer you can pair it up with a dressy cami and during fall with a sweatshirt, hence our Fashionista’s trend.

To dress up your slouchy jeans for fall you can wear a geoprint sweatshirt. I love that our Fashionista goes for the “sweater over a collared shirt” look. It’s sweet and edgy. To customize her shirt to fit her slouchy trend she opted for a more relaxed oversized sweatshirt. This oversized sweatshirt on her slouchy jeans gives of a nice relaxed boyish vibe.

Speaking of slouchy trends, what makes her all blue boyish charm stand out better than her red Dr. Martens boots? It’s the right pop of color her outfit needed to be complete.

Join us on the other side! We’ve left our body conscious outfits and opted for an all around relaxed, slouchy goodness and it has never felt better!


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