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The Webster dictionary will tell you that an object that is sleek can have multiple traits. It can be elegant, stylish, smooth, well groomed or have trim, graceful lines. In the case of this Fashionista’s outfit, sleek means all five.

Her sophisticated ensemble is comprised of multiple sleek pieces. At the core of her outfit is a simple gray Henley, a perfect piece for layering. She pairs the Henley with well-fitted dark blue skinny jeans. A classic black leather jacket with gold hardware comes next. The simple maroon scarf is the focus of the outfit due to color contrast. Her next accessory piece is a pair of simple, brown Wayfarer sunglasses. Finally the outfit is made complete by a pair of patent leather black boots. The ankle height boots start exactly where the jeans end, creating a streamlined sophisticated look.

Achieving a sleek look is all about finding pieces that will make you look sophisticated. Make sure your clothing fits you the way it is meant to. Ill-fitting clothing looks sloppy, while well-fitting clothing looks put-together. Sleek pieces often avoid loud patterns or colors. Instead, they focus on simplicity and design. Elegant, sleek pieces are well made with “graceful lines” to streamline the figure. Sleek clothing makes the wearer (and the wearer’s figure) look good. This style is not about hiding behind clothing, but rather using clothing to showcase and enhance what is already there.

When shopping for sleek pieces, it’s a good idea to try on everything. Spend some time finding the perfect, dark-colored skinnies or the perfect leather jacket. You want simple, wardrobe essentials that you look great in. And remember: everyone looks a bit more sophisticated in dark colors.


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