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As the weather finally winds down and the spring [officially] settles in, we see a grave change in necessary seasonal facets. Where knit scarfs, gloves and hats once served as finishing details for an outfit, bright jewelry, baseball caps and sunglasses take their place. Where jackets and jeans once served as primary staple pieces, T-shirts, shorts and dresses swap in. In regard to the change in staple pieces, one of the most prevalent and versatile, is that of skirts.

This Fashionista truly exemplifies that which constitutes wearing a skirt in style. She pairs a basic black skirt with a star galaxy printed T-shirt and loafer type flats. The plainness and darkness of the skirt and well balanced by the non-conventional, yet fashionably innovative pattern of the t-shirt. Additionally, the matching of the skirt to a fun and relaxed T-shirt dials down the formality that is generally associated with skirts. Thus, it makes the outfit perfectly casual and ideal for a sunny, warm day out and about.

Our Fashionista’s black loafer flats and black sunglasses match the skirt well and add a nice touch of uniformity to the ensemble. They create a nice link of color that the eye can easily follow from head to toe, therefore, stringing the outfit together and acting as  a prominent feature. In addition to the skirt being an esteemed spring piece, the loafer flats and sunglasses are great spring accessories in and of themselves. That being said, despite the fact that they are black, they make the outfit light and “warm weather friendly.”

The final touch on this outfit is the brown messenger bag. The length of the bag complements the length of the skirt, lining up perfectly with bottom edge. Furthermore, the size of the bag complements the skirt, for it does not take away too much attention, allowing the skirt to be the main focus, yet making itself known through use of its beautiful light red-brown color.

Though this Fashionista chooses to dress down her skirt for a day out on the town, skirts are a versatile spring piece. The can not only be used in a casual manner, but when paired with heels, they can also be used for a night out, a dinner date, or any formal event for that matter. They allow for a feminine edge and a non-restricted feel. On top of that, they have an airy flow that makes them practical for warm weather and fun for twirling and dancing in the streets!


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