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The other day, someone asked me to define street style in my own words. I initially thought this was an easy question, since I had been taking pictures of people wearing clothes that could be categorized under street style. However, as I opened my mouth to reply, I realized that I was at a loss for words. I couldn’t vocalize what I thought street style was; I couldn’t even picture what it was. That all changed when I saw this Fashionista in front of the Husky Union Building.

The first thing that grabbed my attention was her mix matching. You would think that the signature skull pattern on her brown Alexander McQueen scarf would clash with her light blue polka-dotted chambray from Forever 21. When put together, though, it created an edgy and funky mixture of colors and patterns. To add on to that, she wore a forest green jacket from Pop England that added yet another offbeat (but fun) color to the mix.

Let’s talk about her leggings that she purchased in China. We’ve seen elbow patches on sweaters and cardigans emerging as a hot new trend, but we have never seen knee patches before. How revolutionary! I love how unique this is and how she isn’t afraid to wear something that other people might not be wearing. To top it all off, she wore a baby blue UGGs that matched the color of her shirt.

If you want to try out this Fashionista’s style, start by putting on a patterned chambray. Chambrays are denim shirts that, like jeans, come in many different shades and can be patterned as well. In addition, they go well with almost any bottoms, whether they are jeans, khaki chinos or black jeggings.

Next is the fun part: accessorize. A fun scarf or baseball cap will add pops of colors to your outfit, which will make it more eye-catching, especially if they are brightly colored. To finish, you can throw on any type of shoes, but I think shoes that do not rise above your ankles will look best since you want your focus to be on the top of your outfit, not your shoes. This includes combat boots, TOMS and Converse.

So, if there’s one thing I’ve discovered about defining street style, it’s that there really aren’t any guidelines, but there is one requirement: boldness. Don’t be afraid to throw abstract pieces together. You’re a work of art, after all.


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