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By the time the weekend swings around, I find that I just want to relax with my friends. The stressful week of papers, midterms and more papers piles up until making an effort in anything else but school seems like a chore. Half the time it’s easy to feel tempted to bum out in a ratty old pair of sweats. While this is tempting, it isn’t the only way to wind down after a long stressful week. Sometimes a basic but cute staple piece can be the key to fashionable comfort after an exhausting week.

This Fashionista’s basic staple piece was an embroidered Aztec T-shirt. What is so great about her outfit is that the top does all of the talking— there’s no need for fussy accessorizing or layering. The Aztec shirt adds just the right amount of color and detail to the outfit in the blue, white, orange and yellow embroidered details it has. This Fashionista then paired her top with plain cuffed blue jeans and tan flip flop sandals. This outfit is a very basic and great way to wind down for the weekend with its simplistic yet bohemian vibes.

Recreating this outfit really only requires owning a great statement top, like this Fashionista’s Aztec T-shirt. I really love the variety of embroidered tops that Lucky Brand makes, which can be purchased at Macy’s. Other basics which are needed to complete this outfit are a good pair of skinny jeans that can be cuffed and flip flops. I love the light wash of PacSun jeans, and the durability of Rainbow brand flip flops.

Winding down for the weekend really doesn’t have to require much effort and shouldn’t be another thing to be stressed about after a long week. Owning a solid statement top, like the Aztec shirt this Fashionista is wearing, is the key to attaining a comfortable yet fashionable outfit to wear for a (hopefully!) relaxing weekend.


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