Style Advice of the Week

It is always good to have basics. These are the foundational pieces that you build to make your outfit look ten times cuter, more professional, more sophisticated and the like. When you strip away all of the layers, what’s left? An outfit that you can walk out the door in and never regret wearing it. A simple outfit can take you far, especially with cute accessories. Take this Fashionista for example.

This Fashionista is wearing a gray tank top, rolled up jeans, yellow flats, a watch, a bracelet and red earrings. It is a simple, clean look that you don’t have to think twice about when you have to be somewhere in a hurry. The accessories and her shoes are some subtle details that makes her outfit more interesting. I would add a simple necklace to spice it up or a black blazer, a scarf and a satchel for a complete look.

Wear a cozy cardigan, a necklace, sneakers and a backpack with your gray tank top and rolled up jeans during the day to go to classes or run errands. Then pair your tank top and jeans with a panama hat, a bomber jacket, heels and a clutch for a night out.

I urge you to keep it simple and stripped down to the basics. The weather is finally warm and we can shed all of those extra layers. A simple outfit like this is all you need to enjoy the warm weather (and maybe bring a sweater for when it gets breezy).



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